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Bob & Brenda Millican

  • Bed and Bath
  • Access to a laundry room
  • Wireless Internet
  • Morning coffee
  • Access to the kitchen, stove/oven/microwave
  • Refrigerator for Guest
  • 24 hr. access
  • Dining Room
The Corban House provides temporary lodging for out-of-town guest. 

The house was established in April 2014 for the primary purpose for people who are:

  • ​Visiting family for all reasons (holidays, hospitalized, retirement center, wedding, or a death in the family just to mention a few)
  • Traveling through the area ​
  • Intern Students who are working in Morristown
  • People moving that need a place to stay for a few nights

The house is conveniently located in the central part of Morristown.

The rooms are available on a first come first serve basis.  There is not a set charge.

A donation is appreciated.

532 E 2nd Notrth Street Morristown TN


 Mon - Sat 8am - 9pm
Closed Sundays

Call for appointment